Forja Rafael is a familiar company with more than three decades of expertise. In 1983, in a property with no more of 40 square meters, Rafael Pérez Gómez opened his business. There, he began to create his very first handcrafted works, and a profession his children nowadays continue.

The second generation maintain the essence of this company, whose variety of offered products and dedication for well done results have allowed them to forge an increasing list of customers over these years. Currently, from their industrial unit of more than 1500 square meters, located in the road from Guadalajara to Chiloeches, they work everyday to attend the necessities and requests of their customers at the same time they innovate and improve the process of manufacture of their parts and projects.

With the purpose of making their designs and works closer to the customers, they have an exhibition room, of more than 250 square meters, where you can find parts, furniture or grilles, among others, all forged by themselves. Additionally, with the challenge to make the sales and distribution easier, they have opened their online shop. There, the customers (professionals or private) can make their purchases in an agile, easy and safe way. This has allowed them to improve their international sales. With regard to their international market, they already carry out transactions in countries like France or Italy.

Manufacturing Policy

From the beginning, the priority is the highest quality in all their products. This drives them to the special attention they dedicate to their “designs, manufacturing and finishing touches of wrought iron parts”. The designs they offer include the most traditional designs, as well as the most innovative ones. They always begin working following the preferences of the customer, who can modify the existing designs or even requests custom designs.

The handcrafted way of manufacturing the parts, working with hot iron in order to obtain the best modelling of a part, can be seen in the finishing touches of any of them. As a manufacturer, Forja Rafael is in the position of creating a wide variety of products, adapting to the conditions of each order.

With the aim of providing the best service, Forja Rafael is in charge of the distribution of its products, so that they can be delivered as soon as possible, as well as with the most security and the lower cost possible for its customers.

They work constantly in order to attend the demands of their customers, considering quality and designs the identifying traits of their company. However, Forja Rafael is aware that the service and attention are as important as the quality, so they daily strive to give the best of services to the customers.