Forging is an art. Its antiquity go back to the moment when the human being discovered the metals, fundamentally the iron, and their utility, which led the human being to manipulate them using the heat.

A foundry is made basically of a forge or furnace to heat the metals up in order to be able to work with them in the anvil, a tool made of solid metal, and a container where the final parts can cool down. In essence, the handcrafted technique is conserved, although it has evolved thanks to the knowledge of the professionals of this profession and to their creativity, which has allowed to add design to functionality.

Technique, profession and creativity mix in the professionals that work at Forja Rafael, and is visible in their results.

Currently, they have more than half a dozen specialized catalogues (insert link to Catalogues) in products of: artistic forging, stairs, balconies, doors and fences, grilles, banisters and furniture. All of them include manufactured parts with designs created specifically by them, with images of already completed works that help the customers to choose.

Nonetheless, if you wish a specific design or customized to your desires, they can create it with the measures and features you want.

You can request a budget and include your wished design in the following form.

Personalized designs